A Comprehensive Guide about Sera Lake in Trabzon

A Comprehensive Guide about Sera Lake in Trabzon
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Information about Sera Lake

It is one of the most stunning natural beauty places, located in Akcaabat, Trabzon, on the Black Sea. Sera Lake is 18 km from Trabzon International Airport and 12 km from the city center. The lake is the first destination for all tourists and a beautiful natural painting, as tourists believe.

No wonder the lake is the tourists’ stop to enjoy rural and mountain areas. Apart from having various kinds of fish, the lake is surrounded by green mountains, adding more glamour and magic, mainly in the morning during sun rising and in the evening during sunsetting.

Sera Lake in Trabzon

You can visit the lake during all seasons to enjoy its charm, but most tourists prefer to enjoy its beauty in summer.

According to locals, the lake has been formed of rainfalls during winter.

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The Most Important Activities at Sera Lake

  • A chance for relaxation and having a picnic with family or friends
  • Sitting by the lake, enjoying its green water, and watching birds
  • Walking lovers can enjoy walking in the tracks around the lake
  • Physical activity lovers can enjoy running and cycling
  • Having a delicious meal or enjoying a drink in restaurants and cafes along the lake
  • Enjoying the lake’s beauty in all seasons
  • Visitors can rent a boat to enjoy a lake tour
  • Taking photo ops for the lake’s natural beauty and surroundings
  • Camping for hours among tall green trees
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Restaurants Nearby Sera Lake

There is a wide variety of restaurants serving the most delicious dishes of the Black Sea. Having breakfast or lunch in the arms of nature is an excellent chance for relation and leisure. Sera Golu Gul Tesisleri is one of the most well-known restaurants that serve the most delicious dishes in the arms of nature, directly on the lake’s banks.

Seragol lake in trabzon

Sera Golu Hayal Vadisi

It is a massive restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating areas and stunning views of the lake for a better sense of relaxation. The restaurant’s menu has traditional delicious Turkish dishes.

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Hotels Nearby Sera Lake

There is a wide variety of hotels with views of the lake, serving food for all tastes.

1. Sera Lake Resort Hotel

It is 19 km from Trabzon International Airport and 5 km from Sera Lake. It is a 4-star hotel with views of the Black Sea. It has a wide variety of room options: double and single. With its distinctive services and hospitality of the staff, visitors will get a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Not to mention, the hotel offers free Wi-Fi. For shopping lovers, there is Varlibas Mall nearby for an exciting shopping experience.

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2. Rose Villa Trabzon

It is 6 km from Sera Lake and 19 km from Trabzon International Airport, surrounded by charming views, with distinctive services. It consists of 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a seating area, a dishwasher, and an oven.

Besides, there is a group of hotels such as Can Villa Trabzon, Hilton Garden Inn Trabzon, and Sera Lake Hotel.

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