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Istanbul Metro: 5 New Lines in 2018

Istanbul Municipality has announced establishing 110.8 km of new metro lines by the end of 2018, bringing 271.3 km of metro and rail lines, and aims to create five new metro lines within the city, in both European and Asian sides.

The municipality announced that its next target is to reach 355.45 km in the first phase and 1,100 km in the next phase.

The municipality is working on completing the second phase of the Uskudar-Umranye-Cekmekoy-Sancaktepe metro line, Macidiyekoy-Alibeykoy, and the metro line connecting Dudulu-Bostonci-Imes, the tramway line between Eminonu and Alibeykoy, and the second phase of the Undersea Transcontinental Marmray Line, which will connect the European side of Istanbul with the Asian side in Gebze.

The municipality also aims to establish eight cable cars on both sides of the city.

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