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Our team is fully prepared and eagerly anticipates your arrival at the scheduled date and time.

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What sets the "Drive Me" service apart in the realm of travel and tourism?

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What sets the "Drive Me" service apart in the realm of travel and tourism?

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The average car rental price is $220 per day, tourist tours included.

Yes, it is.

Safaraq Tourism recommends renting a car with a private driver.

Yes, Safaraq Tourism offers a car rental with an English-speaking driver.

Antalya has a wide variety of tourist spots; it is famous for its charming beaches and waterfalls such as Duden and Manavagat. Not to mention, Antalya has many historical places that contain Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman remains, attracting many tourists every year.


Features of Car Rental with a Private Driver Service in Antalya

Most tourists like to save time to explore more tourist places, historical spots, and natural beauty in Turkey. Safaraq Tourism offers luxurious cars with private drivers, giving tourists ease of mind and safety; our tour guides will help you explore tourist spots in Antalya. Not to mention, our drivers can speak English, Arabic, and Turkish.   

What are car types for rent in Antalya by Safaraq Tourism?

Safaraq Tourism is one of the pioneer tourism companies in Turkey; it is committed to offering the top cars suitable for families. Safaraq Tourism highly considers tourists’ reviews and study them to improve its services in the tourism sector.

Safaraq Tourism offers a wide variety of vehicles with private drivers, including Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes Vito, that accommodate 11 and 7 passengers, respectively.

Car with a Private Driver in Antalya

How much does a car rental with a private driver cost in Antalya?

A car rental price with a private driver in Antalya is $220, tourist trips in Antalya included.

Services offered by Safaraq Tourism

1. Airport shuttle from and to Antalya Airport

Tourists can contact Safaraq Tourism to reserve an airport shuttle (a car with a private driver) from and to Antalya Airport.

2. Tours in Antalya’s most famous and beautiful tourist places

Safaraq Tourism provides daily offers on tourist tours to visit Antalya’s most prominent tourist places: Duden Waterfalls, Manavagat, and Antalya’s ancient city. Not to mention, tourists would also enjoy Antalya’s restaurants and its sea views. 

3. A driver and a tour guide who can speak English

Safaraq Tourism offers tour guides who can speak Arabic, English, and Turkish for perfect tours.

Tips for renting a car with a private driver in Antalya

Safaraq Tourism highly recommends choosing experienced companies in car rental, which are officially licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in Turkey and have all documents to work in car rental to avoid any cases of theft, kidnap, fraud, and blackmail.

Affordable Car Rental

Testimonials of Safaraq Tourism’s customers who rented a car with a private driver in Antalya

Antalya is rich in tourist places, a top destination for tourists who like exploring its monuments. We offer professional drivers who would make your trip to Antalya more relaxing.

Our customers’ reviews show that Safaraq Tourism’s teams are punctual, honest, and courteous.


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