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The Land of Legends in Antalya ... an integrated amusement park that won the admiration and love...

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During this tour, you can explore the most beautiful waterfalls in Antalya. This tour will allow...

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Water sports tourism is booming in the city of Antalya due to its distinctive views of several se...

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The favorite tour for nature and sailing on the sea lovers, as you can relax on the boat and enjo...

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No visit to Antalya is complete without taking the Aqua Land tour to spend times of fun and joy f...

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An exciting outdoor tour from the sea to the green mountain peaks.

The "Olympus Teleferik...

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A Tour of archeology and nature awaits you in the city of Perga, which has a long history and is...

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During this exciting tour, we will take you to a more magical place in the Turkish Riviera, where...

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A journey of adventure and excitement in the large pine forests in the Kemer region, west of Anta...

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Tourist Trips Features in Antalya

Tourist trips features are countless in Antalya as it is one of Turkey’s most beautiful places with various resorts, vivid beaches, and stunning mountains. It is known for its natural beauty, tranquillity, clean beaches, mild weather, luxurious hotels, and museums. Antalya is the most shining star in the sky of Turkish tourism, with huge factors, making it a tourist destination for visitors from all around the world to enjoy the most luxurious tourist tours.

Tourist Trips in Antalya

What are the Most Tourist Trips Offered by Safaraq Tourism?

1. Land of Legends Trip in Antalya

Land of Legends is an integrated entertainment city with a variety of engaging entertainment activities such as electric games, water games, dolphin shows, water slides, and a typhoon water coaster, 43 meters high and 525 meters long. As for children, they will have the chance to enjoy the water tower as well as other water games, get engaged under the supervision of professional trainers, and watch various sea organisms. Transport and entry fees are included.

2. Antalya Waterfalls Trip

It is one of the most beautiful tourist trips by Safaraq; you will explore Antalya’s most beautiful waterfalls and enjoy watching them roaring and flowing down the mountains, visit the waterfalls of Duden and Kursunlu, Lara’s Park and waterfall. At the end of the trip, we will visit a genuine leather factory, explore it, and learn about this industry and buy items at featured prices. Such a trip is a fantastic opportunity to take photo ops and spend unforgettable moments.

Antalya Trips Price

3. Diving Trip in Antalya

Antalya is famous for its water sports tourism as it has exceptional views of various seas. Diving is one of the most featured water sports in Antalya, especially in Kemer, located on the Mediterranean Sea coasts, 50 km from Antalya. Diving is an exceptional experience to explore the striking beauty of sea deeps, watch shipwrecks and vivid sea organisms, supervised by a professional diving team; tourists will be given needed equipment and learn instructions before setting off the journey. The diving trip will be divided into two stages; each is half an hour, with a boat tour and dinner.

Antalya Trips Prices

Antalya trip prices are low compared to less beautiful cities worldwide. Moreover, Antalya is one of Turkey’s most attractive tourist spots, with a chain of archaeological and tourist places and the world’s cleanest beaches. Not to mention, it has vivid natural beauty and a Mediterranean climate, making it a unique spot.

Honeymoon Trips in Antalya

What are the Features of Tourist Trips with Safaraq Tourism?

Safaraq tourist trips mean safety, luxury, fun, and competition; we offer fantastic services as per request, organise programs as per clients’ timetable. We have unparalleled quality services, working 24/7 to fulfil our clients’ satisfaction. We offer hotel reservation services with competitive prices and organise charming tourist programs to various tourist spots upon our clients’ requests with unbeatable offers.


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