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Istanbul Antalya


Pleasant Tour to the princes’ Islands in Istanbul

A wonderful tour through which we take you to the most beautiful landmarks of the famous Princes’ Islands, including a visit to the largest island in Istanbul Buyukada.


Top 17 Quiet Turkish Cities

In Turkish cities, places of recreation vary, from a quiet place to a noisy place, and here we are looking for the quietest cities in Turkey, for each looking for a nice and quiet tourism. Learn about the cities of Turkey on your tourist travel site.


Pirate ships in Bodrum, Turkey, capture the hearts of tourists

The phenomenon of pirate ships has begun to spread in the Turkish coast of Mugla in recent years, due to the desire of tourists to add an adventurous spirit to their tours.


Uzungol: A Charming Lake in Trabzon

Learn about Tourism in Uzungol, location and how to go there? the best activities in Uzungol. Read more on Safaraq.


Learn about Vadistanbul Mall, where it is located and how to reach it

Learn about the best tourist activities in Vadistanbul Mall, where it is located and how to reach it and what are the most important features that distinguish this mall in Istanbul.


Zonguldak Metal Museum: Turkey's First Mine Museum

Zonguldak Mineral Museum Turkey's first coal museum, which provides a complete depiction of coal mining processes in mines, with a display of the machines used to extract it


Suspended Wooden Bridge Opening in Turkey

The first wooden suspension bridge in Turkey with a length of 3,000 meters and a height of 60 meters. The project is exceptional and will be one of the tourist destinations of great importance in the Turkish city of Kastamonu


Land of Legends in Antalya - Turkey: A World of Infinite Beauty

The land of legends in Antalya, the largest park on the European continent, its fantasy park, water city and integrated entertainment center made it the first destination in Antalya for tourists

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