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Miracle Garden Dubai

A Journey Amidst Floral and Botanical Masterpieces

The tour starts at 09:30 am
The tour ends at 06:00
The tour is daily with a tourist group

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A follow-up team 24/7
A follow-up team 24/7
Lunch meal
Lunch meal
Breakfast and dinner (within the hotel)
Breakfast and dinner (within the hotel)


The moment you drop into Dubai Miracle Garden, you will forget that you are in the middle of a desert city. It will retreat you to the land of flowers. With hundreds of thousands of flowers aesthetically arranged in its over 72,000-square-meter space, a visit to this unmatched floral destination promises you a vibrant day out awash with lively colors and perfect instragrammable shots. 


See the World’s Largest Natural Flower Garden
Yes, Dubai Miracle Garden is more than just a jaw-dropping showcase of flowers. This biggest-of-its-kind garden is an absolute delight to your senses, featuring over 150 million flowers and plants that represent almost all rare and unique species in bloom. They are strikingly interspersed with stunning water pools, fountains, and elegantly laid-out flower-themed pathways.

Escape to a Lush Wonderland of Flowers and Colors 
Be surrounded by an unmatched riot of colors; it boasts a spectrum of themed gardens adorned with flowers from all over the world. From heart-shaped flowers for the romantics to the vertical and horizontal landscaped designs that are a treat to the eyes, it doesn’t cease to surprise you at every step. A trip to this floral land, overflowing with vibrant colors and natural scents, will transport you to a world free of worries.

Admire Brand-New Floral Attractions in Every Season 
Miracle Garden Dubai is a seasonal attraction open only from October to April. So it goes without saying that you can see a vast array of floral attractions in a more enriched theme and patterns on your every visit here. It ranges from the massive model of an Airbus A380 superjumbo jet decked up with over 500,000 flowers to the newest Smurfs Village (with adorable mushroom villages and blue creatures) to a floating lady lying amid the floral castles.
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Step into a Floral Paradise: Dubai Miracle Garden Awaits
Forget the desert heat; Dubai Miracle Garden whisks you away to a wonderland of vibrant blooms. This sprawling 72,000-square-meter oasis boasts hundreds of thousands of flowers meticulously arranged in dazzling displays, promising an unforgettable day filled with color and endless Instagram-worthy moments.

A World of Flowers Unlike Any Other

Dubai Miracle Garden isn't just another botanical garden; it's a sensory feast for the soul. With over 150 million flowers and plants representing the rarest and most unique species in full bloom, it's the largest natural flower garden on the planet. Cascading waterfalls, mesmerizing fountains, and flower-lined pathways further enhance the captivating experience.

Escape into a Kaleidoscope of Color

Immerse yourself in an explosion of color as you wander through themed gardens showcasing blooms from across the globe. From heart-shaped arrangements for the romantics to breathtaking vertical and horizontal landscapes, every corner offers a new surprise. Allow yourself to be transported to a world free of worries, enveloped by the vibrant hues and intoxicating fragrances of nature.

A Floral Spectacle that Never Gets Old

Dubai Miracle Garden is a seasonal haven, open only from October to April. Each visit unveils a fresh spectacle, with ever-evolving themes and breathtaking floral creations.  Marvel at the massive Airbus A380 superjumbo jet adorned with over half a million blooms, or be charmed by the whimsical Smurfs Village, complete with adorable mushroom houses and playful blue creatures.  The latest attraction – a floating lady nestled amongst floral castles – is sure to take your breath away.

Get ready to experience the magic of Dubai Miracle Garden – a floral paradise waiting to be explored.

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