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Istanbul Antalya

Travel to Turkey

Travel Cost to Turkey from Arrival to Departure

Turkey is one of the world's leading tourist destinations and one of the most attractive countries worldwide. Learn more on Safaraq.


Medical tourism in Turkey: Expectations to break records 2021

After the great numbers achieved by medical tourism in Turkey in 2020, there are great expectations to break records and increase growth rates in 2021


Expectations of Hosting 25 Million Tourists

Despite the spread of the Corona pandemic in the country, it is expected that 25 million tourists will arrive in Turkey during the summer season in the current year 2021


Safe Holidays for Tourists in Turkey with Corona Measures

Safe holidays await tourists this year in Turkey, as representatives of the Turkish tourism sector have completed the necessary preparations to receive tourists this year.


Top Information on Visa, Residence and Turkish Citizenship

Learn the most important information about all types of residency in Turkey, how to obtain a visa, the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, and what papers are required for it. You can find all of this on Safaraq website.


Istanbul New Airport Offers New Services Compared to 5-Star Hotels

Istanbul's new airport fascinates its eyes with its splendor and mastery of all its details, and now it is surprising its new pioneers with its advanced services, which are only provided by advanced international airports.


Top 17 Quiet Turkish Cities

In Turkish cities, places of recreation vary, from a quiet place to a noisy place, and here we are looking for the quietest cities in Turkey, for each looking for a nice and quiet tourism. Learn about the cities of Turkey on your tourist travel site.


All you Need to Know about Turkey

you can find information about Turkey that is of interest to the investor, resident, and newcomer

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