Top 17 Quiet Turkish Cities

Top 17 Quiet Turkish Cities

Many people look for an ideal place for a beautiful holiday; some for fun and adventure, others for hustle, but most people look forward to a vacation in a quiet place away from the city's hustle and bustle to enjoy the tranquillity.

With its charming nature, various population density, services of rural and tourist cities, it is worth talking about the top quiet towns in Turkey. So, the options for peace and tranquillity are available to everyone.

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What are Turkey's Top Quiet Cities? Cittaslow List

Cittaslow prepares its annual assessment of quieter cities and annually announces awards for countries whose cities meet the quiet city standards.

Cittaslow's list of globally recognised cities has 252 cities in 30 countries, with the number of Turkish cities increasing year after year, reaching 17. According to this assessment, Turkey has been awarded the International Quiet Living Award.

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What is Cittaslow? What are its Criteria?

Cittaslow is an organisation called the International Federation of Municipalities, founded in Italy in 1999, and its membership is open to every town with a population of less than 50,000.

Cittaslow, or Slow City, focuses on the slow movement in the city, with specific peculiarities, mainly linked to the quality of life and sustainable growth, then transformed into a philosophy of life practised with some art seeking tranquillity and tranquillity in life, and then became an association with an international network and a registered mark.

Certain criteria are sought to get a membership in this organisation. Applications for town membership are assessed by the organisation measuring the availability of standards. Each standard is given certain points, and the city with more than 50 points is given membership in Cittaslow.

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The criteria measured and points awarded according to their assessment are

  • Documenting air hygiene per the standards set under international legislation
  • Documenting water hygiene per the standards set by international legislation
  • Comparing general drinking water consumption with the average rate
  • Making sure that solid waste is being separated by the municipality and benefit from it
  • Support the use of natural and artificial manure
  • Availability of wastewater treatment plants
  • Energy saving in homes and public utilities
  • Energy production from public renewable energy sources
  • Making sure to reduce the level of pollution and congestion
  • Making sure to minimise the level of radioactive contamination
  • Ensuring the unit's electricity consumption rate
  • Maintaining biodiversity
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List of Turkey's Top Quiet Cities

Here is a list of the best cities in Turkey per assessment, and the Turkish cities are ranked in the following order:

  • Akyaka / Mugla
  • Egidir / Isparta
  • Gokceada / Cannakkale
  • Gerze / Sinop
  • Goynuk / Bolu
  • Halfeti / Sanlıurfa
  • Mudurnu / Bolu
  • Perşembe / Ordu
  • Savasat / Artvin
  • Sefererihisar / İzmir
  • Tarakli / Sakarya
  • Uzundere / Erzurum
  • Vize / Kirklareli
  • Yalvac / İsparta
  • Yenipazar / Aydin
  • Ahlat / Bitlis
  • Koycegiz / Mugla

This assessment, published by Cittaslow, gives additional options for those who prefer a quiet tourism experience in Turkey's top slow cities.

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