Top 12 Must-Visit Tourist Places in Fethiye

Top 12 Must-Visit Tourist Places in Fethiye
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Fethiye is Turkey's most beautiful city, a destination for tourism for tourists from all around the world, known for its charm with stunning valleys, bays, beaches, greenery, and historical places.

The Most 12 Beautiful Tourist Places in Fethiye

Today we will have a tour of places you must visit one day and enjoy in Fethiye:

1. Calis Beach

Calis Beach is the most beautiful beach in the region, several kilometers long. It invites you to enjoy its beauty, spaciousness and tranquility and offers you all the hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes and other facilities you need. In addition, it is a charming place for walking lovers and an ideal place for a quiet family stroll.

The Most 12 Beautiful Tourist Places in Fethiye

2. Oludeniz

Oludeniz is home to the sunlight and stunning natural colours, known as 'distant homes' in the Middle Ages. It is located in the Likyalilar area, now known as the Dead Sea, a place you can't pass nearby without being stopped by its beauty. It is a place where all kinds of marine sports, such as sailing, surfing and others, are practiced.


3. Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is a charming place that Turkey is proud of. It is surrounded by a rock bracelet up to 350 m long. It got its name after more than 80 species of butterflies, which adorn this spot, making it a magical painting with unparalleled beauty.

Butterfly Valley

4. Kabak Bay

It is one of the most beautiful and ancient bays and beaches in Turkey and the world, with enchanting beauty, elegance and the serenity of colours.

Kabak Bay

5. 12 Islands

It is truly unfair to visit Fethiye without a boat tour of these islands, to enjoy their beauty and charm.

6. Babadag Mount

If you are a paragliding enthusiast, you are in the right place, as the Dead Sea region of Fethiye features the slopes of Mount Babadag, which has gained fame for paragliding. From the top of the mountain, you can look at the Dead Sea and take a photo op of this enchanting view.

Babadag Mount

7. Cennet Bay

It is one of the most prominent bays in the Fethiye region, featuring a sky-coloured blue beach and white sand.

Cennet Bay

8. Katranci Park

It is a forest covered with eucalyptus and pine trees, stretching over two valleys with beautiful sea views. If you're a fan of camping amidst nature, it's the perfect place.

9. Saklikent Canyon

It is the most beautiful and charming natural place where Fethiye honours its guests, an hour's drive from Fethiye. This valley features a very beautiful public park, which we highly recommend not to miss.

Saklikent Canyon

10. Dalaman Stream

If you're a fan of the excitement and adventure of river boating, Dalaman Stream offers you a 26-km journey of adventure and excitement to enjoy long hours with your friends.

Dalaman Stream

11. Central Fish Market in Fethiye

When you're in Fethiye, you have to have a meal of fish found in the charming city's restaurants, and you can visit the central fish market to get whatever kind of fresh fish you want.

12. City's Ancient Market

It is a market that has maintained its presence and brilliance over many periods. You can also purchase some souvenirs and gifts. Besides, there is a water fountain in the old city market called 'Paspatur', featuring unique freshwater.

City's Ancient Market


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