Information about Baghdad Street

Information about Baghdad Street
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The Best Tourist Activities in Baghdad Street in Istanbul

Shopping at Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street is one of Istanbul’s classy and most famous streets on the Asian side. It is Istanbul’s longest street ever, 6 km from Kadikoy to Maltepe.

The street’s history dates back to the Ottoman era when Sultan Murad IV took over Baghdad in the 17th century, and thus it got its name. The street was used for trade and military purposes.

The street’s length gave it an exceptional status in shopping; it includes all kinds of products. The street is famous for selling wedding dresses in many shops which offer the trendiest dresses at competitive prices. Baghdad street is also an attraction for the most well-known Turkish designers as well as Turkish trademark lovers.

With its varied shopping options, Baghdad Street has become a tourist attraction; it is called “fashion street” as it has famous shops selling shoes, accessories, souvenirs, artifacts, and Turkish delights. The municipality has provided seating areas along the street for relaxing and a better shopping experience.

It is worth noting that Baghdad Street is like an actual arena for watching sports events, mainly the Turkish league. The interaction atmosphere cannot be compared to any there, especially when the league’s champion visits the street accompanied by its fans. Not to mention, most world events like New Year’s Eve and National Days have a special status at Baghdad Street in terms of celebration and decorations.

Baghdad Street Istanbul

Baghdad Street Restaurants

A tour at Baghdad Street has its own charm. Everyone admits that a delicious dish must follow a tiring shopping tour at the street in one of the restaurants spread along the street. It has all kinds of restaurants serving the most delicious food for all tastes. The street has everything you need, that you can wander through stunning green parks and join cultural and night events without even going outside it.

Cafes at Baghdad Street

Baghdad Street has featured classy cafes, giving shoppers a sense of luxury and relaxation after a long day of shopping. You can easily find a place to drink coffee and a wide variety of cold drinks in a contemporary ambiance for family and lovers who prefer to celebrate their love and birthday parties there.

Baghdad Street Restaurants

Tourist Places Nearby Baghdad Street

  • Bostanci Lunapark (famous entertainment city)
  • İstanbul Toy Museum
  • Caddebostan Beach: It is one of Istanbul’s best beaches on the Marmara Sea
Baghdad Street Kadikoy
  • Magnum Store İstanbul (ice cream)
Magnum Store İstanbul

Hotels Nearby Baghdad Street in Istanbul

There is a wide variety of hotels nearby Baghdad Street with featured and integrated services for all tastes, giving tourists a sense of relaxation and luxury.

Here is a list of the most prominent hotels:

  • Hotel Suadiye Asia
  • Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel

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