Travel 10,000 km on foot for an ecological journey

Travel 10,000 km on foot for an ecological journey

With the environmental journey and reducing pollution in mind, a French couple took a two-year hiking trip. Explore the details of this trip with Safaraq Tourism

What is the Story of the Journey of the Environment?

On a two-year walk, French couple Marie Cawdrick and Neil Hopinott traveled 10,000 km with the theme of the environmental journey, which lasted two years, during which they visited 16 European countries, from France, through many European countries, to Istanbul, which was the endpoint.

walk for environment in turkey

On their journey, which began on February 5, 2018, the French couple spent six to eight hours a day on foot, and as they worked in photography, they filmed all the beautiful views on their special journey and recorded them in videos, documenting the beautiful moments they had spent on this journey.

A Tourist Trip with the Slogan of Protecting the Environment

On their journey, the couple expressed their great love for nature, noting that the trip aimed to reduce environmental pollution problems and establish an ecological association that would help protect nature from all the dangers of pollution.

 In addition, they collected waste to spread a message on social media, which said that pollution reduction and environmental hygiene were reduced and contributed to some activities that raised people's awareness of the dangers of pollution.

Upon their arrival in Istanbul, the couple expressed their great joy in Istanbul's wonderful atmosphere and then decided to document a film and write a book, immortalizing the wonderful moments they spent on this exciting journey.


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