Turkish Baklava: Greek journalists Admit Its Delicious Taste

Turkish Baklava: Greek journalists Admit Its Delicious Taste

With its delicious, crispy taste, Turkish Baklava has played an important role in supporting tourism in Turkey and has succeeded in attracting tourists and locals who consider it their favourite dessert.

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Turkish Baklava: A topic of Discussion Among Greek Journalists

On the sidelines of cultural discussions between Turkey and Greece, at the invitation of Gaziantep Mayor Fatima Sahin, a delegation of Greek journalists came to Gaziantep, led by Ms Aynur Tattersall, founding member of the Federation of World Journalists. They met to identify the main home of the famous baklava dessert, attend the process of making and tasting, and then report on the topic of discussion in cultural circles between the two neighbouring countries.

Among those present were Nana Darioti, editor-in-chief of the Greek tourism and culinary magazine Olive, Ms Talia editor-in-chief of FNL Food and Leisure Guide, and Mr Fotis Vallatos, food and travel editor of the Greek magazine Blue.

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Turkish Baklava: A wonderful and Delicious Work of Art

Gaziantep's Turkish Baklava won the admiration of all the attendees, and they watched the way Turkish Baklava was prepared moment by moment, it was a very delicious work of art, and they made the following statements:

Mr Fotis Vallatos said: Gaziantep Baklava is one of the most delicious desserts I've ever tasted. Everyone can have a way to prepare Turkish Baklava, but it is not about how to prepare it, rather in some fine details. I've been involved in many baklava preparations, and I've made them myself before, but I've never tasted like this one before. Recipes can be very similar, but some small differences give Turkish Baklava real excellence and delicious taste.

"What we see from the preparation of Gaziantep Baklava is art; it's something different from what we make," said Nana Darioti. This Baklava is amazing, and we can't say otherwise. Maybe I will come to Turkey over and over to enjoy this wonderful taste. I was jealous of the Baklava they make; they are more distinctive than what we make in our country. Turkish Baklava taste is incredible.

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