Turkish Tourism | The Ideal Alternative to Chinese Tourism

Turkish Tourism | The Ideal Alternative to Chinese Tourism

Turkey is the new destination for many tourists from all over the world. After spreading the coronavirus in China, tourists began to cancel their trips to China, looking forward to new tourist destinations. Turkey was the new tourist destination taken as an alternative to tourism in China for many visitors worldwide.

The number of Cruises in Turkey Rises

Turkey's tourism sector has seen a marked increase in cruises coming to Turkey. According to the Anadolu correspondent from the General Directorate of the Coast Guard of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the number of cruise ships coming to Turkey has increased to 344.

The number of passengers arriving by cruise was 300,896, including 35,259 arrivals, 44,235 departures, 2,221,372 transit passengers. 

The most welcoming port for cruise ships was Kusadasi, on the Aegean coast, with 197 cruise ships, while Yalova was Turkey's least welcoming cruise ship port, with one cruise ship.

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Tourism in Turkey: An Alternative to Tourism in China

Insiders in the Turkish tourism sector believe that the coronavirus in China has had a significant impact on the number of flights to Turkey as an alternative destination to China, where the dangerous virus has emerged, which has caused panic around the world.

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"Tourists can enjoy the beauty of tourism in Turkey in all its forms, and we look forward to significant growth in the Turkish tourism sector in the coming days, particularly conference tourism," said Merve Uzkuk, director of one of Turkey's largest international tourism companies.

"We can take advantage of this opportunity by strengthening cooperation with representatives of global markets," she added.

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