Learn about Vadistanbul Mall, where it is located and how to reach it

Vadistanbul Shopping Mall is one of Istanbul's most important malls and commercial markets, one of the city's most luxurious tourism and shopping destinations, where tourists flock to, and trade is at its height.

Information About Vadistanbul Shopping Mall

Istanbul has the largest number of malls in Turkey, increasing the city's tourist and commercial status. Malls generally experience unprecedented demand, especially during the tourist seasons, when the city is experiencing a high tourist turnout.

In this article, we discuss one of Istanbul's most important and beautiful malls on the outskirts of Belgrad's beautiful forests in a distinctive spot of the city.

Information About Vadistanbul Shopping Mall

Shops and Stores at Vadistanbul Shopping Mall

Vadistanbul Project, which opened in 2017, is a residential and entertainment one. It has fun shopping, luxurious upscale accommodation in a clean, fresh-air environment and charming landscapes, with more than 270 leading clothing and fashion stores.

Restaurants at Vadistanbul Shopping Mall

The mall has a range of the city's most famous restaurants, which offer many options of various types of food, a children's gym, and many other activities.

Visitors to Vadistanbul Mall find the best shopping options, as well as charming views of the mall's huge balconies, overlooking Belgrade Forest and Skyland Towers. Not to mention, the dancing fountain at the mall's outdoor door adds an extra atmosphere of fun.

Vadistanbul Shopping Mall Location

Renowned for its luxury, Vadistanbul Mall is located in a picturesque spot near the city centre. It is located on the European side of Istanbul with stunning views of Belgrad Forest in the Ayazaga in Sariyer. It spans over a 103,000 m² area, next to the E80 Motorway, connecting the city's two parts, passing through the Sultan Mehmet Fatih Bridge over the Bosphorus.

  • The mall is a 20-minute drive from Istanbul New Airport.
  • The mall is 20 km from Istanbul city centre.
  • The mall is 5 minutes from the Bosphorus.
  • The mall is 20 minutes from Taksim Square.
  • The mall is 25 minutes from Sultan Ahmet.

You can use the following link to get to Vadistanbul Mall using Google Maps.

Vadistanbul Shopping Mall Location

How to Get to Vadistanbul Shopping Mall

The mall can be reached using the E80, one of the most important highways connecting the European and Asian sides of the city. Public transport can also be used, as we can reach Vadistanbul Shopping Mall by metro. You can take the M2 subway from Yenikapi and get off at the last metro station in Maslak. Then you can change off to another subway, specifically used for Vadistanbul Mall. Or you can take the 47L bus connecting the metro station and the mall site.

Vadistanbul Mall quickly got its status among the city's most important malls, thanks to its beauty, location, and facilities; it became a must-visit tourist attraction in Istanbul.

How to Get to Vadistanbul Shopping Mall

Vadistanbul Mall Project

There is no doubt that the charming areas overlooking the surroundings of Belgrad Forest are one of the most beautiful areas for tourism and accommodation in Istanbul, especially after this project has combined the qualities of luxury and sophistication and its important commercial mall.

The mall project is designed with charming views of the pristine green forests, and next to the project passes a river pouring into the Golden Horn Bay.

Like Istanbul's most luxurious projects, the project has integrated entertainment services with beautiful indoor gardens, forest views, a children's toy city, and various service facilities.

Vadistanbul Mall Project

Vadistanbul Apartments

The project has many parking spaces for the mall visitors and residents, with a total of 3,700. The project also has a complete and advanced security system and 24-hour surveillance and security cameras.

Shops and Stores at Vadistanbul Shopping Mall


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