Sultan Murat Heights: Dazzling Nature

Sultan Murat Heights is located in an area full of highlands and plateaus near Trabzon on the Black Sea, with a central location amidst highlands and plateaus.

Sultan Murat Heights: Natural Charm

Sultan Murat Heights is 2,200 meters above sea level. It gained its name after Sultan Murat IV and his army stayed there after returning from a trip to Iran in 1635 and later made it a place of rest and residence. In addition, it contains the graves of the martyrs of the Ottoman army in World War I against the Russian army, for which a ceremony commemorating the martyrs is held on June 23rd each year.

Moreover, a festival named after Sultan Murat, which is attended by thousands each year, is held on August 20th.

Sultan Murat Heights: Natural Charm

Nearby Sultan Murat Heights are the Heights of Egrisu, Sarikaya, Hanirmak, Sicakoba, Vartan, Cerrah, and Mavreyas.

The Highlands area is 105 km from Trabzon city centre, 25 km from the Caykara area, and 54 km from Aydintepe.

It has full electricity and drinking water services and is dotted with hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes, offices, and workplaces.

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Tourism in Sultan Murat Heights

If you consider exploring a charming place, Sultan Murad Heights can be your best choice, with plenty to satisfy your desires and enjoy the stunning nature, which dazzles the eyes. You'll find all desired services of comfort and for all tastes.

The area has three four-star hotels, so you can choose the accommodation that suits you.

Tourism in Sultan Murat Heights

If you want to make Sultan Murad Heights a stop of a diverse long journey, you can head to a natural and archaeological area nearby Sultan Murad Heights, such as Uzungol, Sumela Monastery, and Cevdet Sunay Museum.

The best time to go to Sultan Murad Heights is summer; nevertheless, winter tourism enthusiasts can also enjoy the snow views when they come in winter.


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