Zonguldak Metal Museum: Turkey's First Mine Museum

Would you like to explore the Zonguldak Metal Museum and the world of mines and see what the miners are doing? Would you like to know how they live while working and how underground coal mining is carried out?

If yes, then visit the Zonguldak Metal Museum, Turkey's first and only coal museum, which provides you with a full depiction of coal mining in mines, as if you were extracting it yourself.

Zonguldak Metal Museum

Zonguldak Metal Museum: Turkey's First Mine Museum

The Zonguldak Metal Museum is located in the Cinartepe district of Bulent Ecevit Street, in the centre of Zonguldak. It is the first museum of its kind in the region and one of the most attractive tourist areas in Turkey for tourists and locals alike. The museum spans over 6,932 square meters, and it was created by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and opened in December 2016.

Zonguldak Metal Museum in turkey

The Zonguldak Metal Museum displays all the machinery, equipment and vehicles that have been used in coal mining from 1840 to the present day. When you visit the museum, it takes you on a pleasant journey to navigate the ancient history of the mining industry in all its details.

The Zonguldak Museum consists of three floors. You can visit it for free to explore details of coal extraction, which was the primary source of income for Zonguldak. On the first floor, you will see the embodiment of coal mining with three polyester miners' statues.

On the second floor, you will have the chance to see historical documents, tools used for professional safety, and facades showing statistical documents issued by the museum.

The third floor contains charcoal fossils, photographs, maps, films and digital simulation models, explaining the history of coal mining.

Metal Museum

Zonguldak Metal Museum: A Journey in the History of Coal

Whoever visits the Zonguldak Metal Museum would have a pleasant trip in the history of coal and tour in the 129-year-old metal house. It is a mine from which coal was mined from 1890 to 1937 and then converted into a training place for miners. It is called the Living Museum, where guides will take you on tour to see all the tools, vehicles and equipment used to extract coal, which have remained the same and are in place until today.

Zonguldak Metal Museum

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