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Bolu Hotels
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The Best Hotels in Bolu in Turkey

Abant Lotus

With its fantastic design and exceptional style, Abant Lotus is a modern architectural masterpiece, taking into account hotel service factors and offering guests classy 5-star services.

The hotel’s rooms are equipped with contemporary furniture and comfy facilities; an ideal place for brides, especially its location amongst giant trees, open green spaces, seating areas in the fresh air, a restaurant serving the most delicious food, a café, a car park, and exceptional staff.

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Abant Palace Hotel

Abant Palace has an exceptional architectural design with charming views of the forests, lakes, and rivers. It is an integrated-service resort with cafes and restaurants of captivating views, indoor swimming pools, and car parks. This 5-star hotel is a destination for tourists from far and wide as it is located in the arms of stunning nature. It is highly recommended for brides.

The hotel’s rooms have all facilities: flat TVs, air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, bath supplies, as well as 24-hour cooperative staff.

Abant Palace Hotel

Buyuk Abant Hotel

Buyuk Abant Hotel is a charming hotel with its featured design and facilities with captivating views of the lake and mountains. The hotel’s stakeholders have focused on offering the best services for guests: restaurants with terraces viewing the lake, cafes, indoor swimming pools, car parks, shops, and children’s playgrounds.

Not to mention, the hotel offers a group of outstanding services such as babysitting, children care services, medical services, and laundry.  

It is worth noting that visitors who like exploration can rent a bike to enjoy exploring the beautiful natural beauty.

Hampton by Hilton Bolu

Hampton by Hilton Bolu is a contemporary and elegant hotel with full-service supplies as well as a beautiful garden for relaxation in the fresh air. The hotel has a wide variety of rooms equipped with flat TVs, Wi-Fi, bathrooms, and hair accessories. In addition, it has big rooms for families with children.

Guests with cars will be able to use the indoor car park.

Hampton by Hilton Bolu

Gazelle Hotel and Spa

Gazelle Hotel and Spa is a full-service resort, offering guests a sense of relaxation, having indoor swimming pools, classy cafes, and restaurants serving the most delicious dishes, drinks, and delights. The 5-star resort’s stakeholders have focused on offering extra features such as a currency exchange office, 24-hour security, and laundry. Not to mention, the resort has shops, car parks, and 24-hour reception.

It is worth noting that guests can explore the area by renting a bike or hiking in the arms of nature.

Explore the best Tourist Places in Bolu City

Gazelle Hotel and Spa

Bolu Suit Otel

Located within an old residential neighborhood, Bolu Suit Otel is a full-service hotel with exceptional facilities: Its rooms have got flat TVs, free Wi-Fi at every spot in the hotel, bath supplies, a hairdresser as well as a cooperative staff.

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Bolu Suit Otel

FAQs about Bolu

  • Abant Palace Hotel
  • Abant Lotus
  • Gazelle Resort & Spa

One-night prices start at $60 according to room space and hotel type and features. For the best hotel and flight reservations, you can contact Safaraq Tourism via WhatsApp 00905520005000

  • Buyuk Abant Hotel
  • Hampton by Hilton Bolu

You can get to Bolu either in your car or with a special minibus for family tourist tours. If you consider spending a pleasant holiday in Bolu, you can contact Safaraq Tourism via WhatsApp 00905520005000 for more details.

Bolu is 262 km from Istanbul and 192 km from Ankara.

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