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A Car with a Private Driver in Turkey 2023


Our services at Safaraq Travel!

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Why Choose Safar Tourism Services?

Modern Cars with Luxurious Options

Professional drivers who can speak your language, with new classy cars and different sizes, within a collection of options to fit your holiday timetable.

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Special Cars for People with Disabilities

Various new cars, equipped with all needed facilities for patients, elderly people, and people with disabilities

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VIP Services

Our luxurious tourist cars are at service to help you move from the airport or any other spot with a private driver who can speak English and other highly prepared services. 

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Our Cars: Request a private car service from Safaraq Travel

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Questions about renting cars :

The average price of car rental is $220 per day

Yes, international driving licenses are valid in Turkey.

Safaraq Tourism recommends renting a car with a private driver.

Yes, Safaraq Tourism offers a car rental with an English-speaking driver.

Turkey is an international tourist spot due to its charming cities, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of forests, lakes, and clean beaches. Here is a list of the most prominent tourist cities:

  • Antalya has featured tourist places, starting from natural beauty and clean beaches to luxurious resorts and restaurants that serve the most delicious food.
  • Istanbul has beautiful places, parks, historical monuments, museums, resorts, restaurants, and beaches.
  • Bodrum is the perfect destination for charming beaches lovers.
  • Mugla offers stunning natural beauty, spreading out along the Aegean Sea, as well as Fethiye, tourists’ favourite destination.
  • Trabzon is a heaven on earth, featuring fresh air, vast green areas, forests, and Uzungol Lake.

The list of Turkey’s tourist spots is endless; tourists can also visit Bursa, Cappadocia, Izmir, Yalova, Samsun, Alanya, and many more.

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A Car with a Private Driver Service in Turkey

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture expects to host 34 million tourists in 2021, with $23 billion in returns. That is why Safaraq Tourism is keen on offering tourist services; one of them is car rental with a private driver to Turkey’s most prominent tourist places. So, Safaraq Tourism is focused on providing comfy services in most cities for tourists.

What are car types for rent in Turkey by Safaraq Tourism?

Safaraq Tourism chooses the top cars, perfect for tourist plans, to offer visitors a sense of comfort and luxury, depending on our expertise in tourism in Turkey.

Safaraq Tourism highly considers tourists’ reviews and study them to improve its services in the tourism sector.

Safaraq Tourism offers a wide variety of vehicles with private drivers, including Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes Vito, that accommodate 11 and 7 passengers, respectively.

A Car with a Private Driver in Turkey

How much does a car rental with a private driver cost in Turkey?

Car rental prices with private drivers vary according to many factors as every city has different tourist places and activities. Here is an example of Safaraq Tourism’s car rentals: A car rental with a private driver from Istanbul to Bursa is $220, tourist trips in Bursa included.

You can contact Safaraq Tourism for more details: +90 55 2000 5000

Services offered by Safaraq Tourism

1. Airport shuttle in most of Turkey’s cities

Tourists can contact Safaraq Tourism to reserve an airport shuttle (a car with a private driver) from and to the airport in most Turkey’s tourist cities, mainly Istanbul from its new airport and Sabiha Airport, Antalya Airport, Trabzon Airport, and Bursa Airport.

2. Tours in Turkey’s most famous tourist places

Safaraq Tourism offers featured tourist programmes for families to spend an enjoyable time in Turkey’s most famous and attractive cities in terms of natural beauty and historical monuments.

If you consider spending a pleasant holiday in Turkey, all you need is to contact Safaraq Tourism for more details on tourist tours and prices.

3. A driver and a tour guide who can speak English

Safaraq Tourism offers tour guides who can speak Arabic, English, and Turkish for perfect tours.

Most common car rental problems in Turkey, and how can Safaraq Tourism overcome them?

Safaraq Tourism is focused on tourists’ ease of mind, and it ensures tourists do not have any problems while reserving a car with a driver.

Safaraq Tourism is highly committed to timetables, car safety, and agreed on prices.

Rent a Car with a Private Driver in Turkey

Tips for renting a car with a private driver in Turkey

Due to its profound experience in the tourism sector, Safaraq Tourism offers tourists a group of important information on how to rent a car with a private driver:

  • Choose companies with profound experience in renting cars with private drivers.
  • A company must be licensed in Turkey and has fame.
  • Tourists must make sure that the company has all official documents to work in car rental to avoid any cases of theft, kidnap, fraud, and blackmail.

Why is Safaraq Tourism one of the top car rental companies?

Safaraq Tourism is one of the licensed companies in the tourism sector in Turkey, focused on high-quality criteria for renting cars, offering professionally certified drivers in the tourism sector. In addition, Safaraq Tourism offers cars for people with disabilities, as well as VIP services.

Testimonials of Safaraq Tourism’s customers who rented a car with a private driver

Safaraq Tourism follows all quality criteria in the tourism sector and takes tourists’ reviews to improve its work. Here is a list of the tourists’ reviews:

  • Punctuality
  • Honesty: All luggage is kept safe while left in the car.
  • Drivers’ courtesy
  • Car rental was encouraging, offering a rich tourist trip.

a Driver Speaks English in Turkey

Edited by Safaraq Tourism

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