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Tourist Programme Features in Bursa

Tourist programmes in Bursa have various features as it has many natural, historical, and tourist spots; the city contains waterfalls, lakes, forests, mountains, resorts; a destination for tourists from all around the world. In addition, it is known for its cultural diversity, hosted many civilisations over the years, and has become one of Turkey’s most prominent tourist places, offering the major tourist factors.

tourist programs in Bursa

Tourist Programme Planning in Bursa

It is highly recommended to have a well-planned programme when considering having a holiday in Bursa or reserving a hotel to enjoy its beauty; try not to miss any of Bursa’s tourist spots: natural places like waterfalls, striking beaches, mountains, and forests.

Tourist Programme Planning in Bursa

Bursa is famous for summer and winter tourism as you can visit its prominent tourist monuments, meadows, hills, streams, and caves. It is an attractive destination for tourists from all around the world, mainly Uludag Mountain, Oylat Springs, Mudanya Parks, Culture Park, Saidabad Waterfalls, and many more.

special tourist program in Bursa

Top Tourist Programmes in Bursa by Safaraq Tourism

Safaraq Tourism offers the most enjoyable tourist programmes in Bursa. We are known for our enticing prices, luxurious services, and quality. One of the most important tourist programmes is Bursa – Uludag Mountain Programme: Having breakfast and heading to Bursa by car and ferry, riding the cable car upwards Uludag Mount’s peak (the world’s longest cable car), enjoying the stunning nature at heights, watching the glittering white snow, and doing some activities, getting off the mount for having lunch and visiting the perennial tree, and finally back to the hotel in Istanbul. This trip is in a group with a tour guide.

Top Tourist Programmes in Bursa

Another tourist programme is Istanbul – Sapanca – Bursa: A rich and diverse tourist programme in Istanbul, Sapanca, and Bursa where you can do winter activities on Uludag Mountain slopes and Masukiye.

One more fascinating tourist programme is Eskimo Turkey: Stay for two nights at Osman Cottages, a 4-star stay on Uludag Mountain’s peak, family rooms are available.

Safaraq Tourism has various tourist programmes for all tastes: Contact us for more details.

tourist programs for brides

Honeymoon Programmes in Bursa

Never miss Safaraq Tourism’s most beautiful tourist programmes for honeymooners, full of romance; start your marriage with unforgettable times. Enjoy our tourist programmes for honeymooners to Turkey’s most beautiful cities: Istanbul – Bursa – Antalya: One month of fun and romance, with a professional team known for its high manners and 24/7 follow up.

Honeymoon Programs in Bursa

Tourist Programmes for Family in Bursa

Bursa is one of the most favourite destinations for families as it has various tourist attractions such as Bursa Museum, Bursa Castle, Ulu Mosque, and Bazaars. Safaraq Tourism organises the most beautiful tourist programmes for families; every programme is planned to visit the most beautiful places of Bursa such as Saidabad Waterfalls, the Grand Waterfall of Bursa, Oylat Waterfall, Uludag Mountain, Bursa Cable car, the Perennial Tree, the Green Valley, and many more.


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